The installation of 80 solar panels (20,8kWp) achieved a generation level of 19,127kW. This ensures an efficiency level of 92% during a heat wave. The 30kW inverter is integrated and tested with the generator and includes a system to prevent feedback into the generator or utility grid.



Borcherds Quarry

We completed a two-phase 71,76kWp PV solar project close to Cape Town International Airport. The system consists of 276 panels, 2 x grid-tie inverters and our Smart Energy Monitoring System (SEMs) which includes a dedicated on-site monitor to track the system’s performance.
During the first phase, roof strengthening beams were installed in the main building using suspended rope techniques. This ensured that customers were not inconvenienced and that day-to-day business operations continued uninterrupted. 
The second phase involved the design, construction and installation of beams in such a way as to carry the weight of xxx and to improve the direction and tilt of the PV solar panels. This enhanced the electrical generation yield of the system and assisted with the self-cleaning effect.


De Zalze


We installed a residential PV Grid-interactive solution with PV and battery backup. On any given day, the system easily produces more than 15kWh – the average household consumption.